Monday, June 18, 2012

Faddah's Day

 We had a really nice Father's Day weekend, very special, very fun, lots of togetherness. Here's how we did:

 The kids and I filled a glass bottle with Reeses's Pieces and put this little sign on it for James. Thank you, Pinterest.

We put the bottle, along with a print of this photo of the kids and an iTunes gift card into a gift bag, and then I decorated it
 Like this. Thank you, Pinterest (again).

 He liked it!

On Saturday, we hit the Farmer's Market and ran some errands, then had a nice afternoon at home and grilled some sausages on the new grill.

On Sunday, we got up and left early for beautiful Astoria, which happened to be cool and rainy that day, even though it was sunny and very warm where we live. Oh, you crazy Oregon.

Astoria has a HUGE farmer's market, so, because we happen to love farmer's markets, we walked around there first.  After that, we went to the Oregon Film Museum, which is housed in the old jailhouse, where the crooks in the movie, The Goonies break out from at the start of the movie.

 There was a lot of stuff from The Goonies, along with props and stills and trivia from the many other movies that have been filmed in Oregon over the years.

 One of my main goals as a parent is to prevent my children ending up behind bars. But if they ever do, I suppose I'll have this "before" photo. You know, for laughs.

 How did this child get so humongous?

 Mug shots.

 The tiniest jailbird.

 She had a blast (we all did)

 There were several little green screen areas where you can shoot little scenes. Too fun.

 Escaping. This is quite possibly my favorite photo ever.


We stopped for lunch, and then we headed to the Columbia River Maritime Museum .

 This is a fantastic museum, with so much to see and do, and a LOT of stuff for kids to explore and touch. We hadn't been since the J-bird was about two, so we were glad to go again.

We looked at the ships outside, then packed the kids back into the car for the hour and a half drive home, happy to have had such a nice day together, celebrating what a wonderful daddy my James is to our kids.

 I would be very, very remiss if I did not mention and thank my own dad, who is so fantastic and loving and kind. I'm a very lucky woman to have been raised by such a great man.

And to my father in law, who is daddy to my sweet husband, thank you for doing such a phenomenal job. I am so grateful for him every day, and you had a lot to do with that!

Lastly, if anyone is still reading after this very long winded and photo heavy post, I want to wish my darling mother in law a very happy birthday today! She's the other half of the parent equation that equals the awesome dude I'm married to, and man, am I thankful to her.

I hope your weekend was fun and that you were able to celebrate the father figures in your life. Have a great week!

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