Saturday, June 16, 2012


 My friend, Traci needed to have her dogs out of the house for a couple hours the other day, so she came out our way. We'd planned to go to the dog park, so dogs and kids alike could run around, but it rained that day, so Traci brought her sweet whippets to our house. Because I have asthma, we don't have any pets, which means my kids haven't spent tons of time around cats or dogs. I don't know if it's because of that, or what, but the J-bird is terribly afraid of dogs, and no amount of gentle exposure seems to help him. His little body just tenses up, and it stays tense as long as the dog is in sight. Even when we stayed with my parents and their dogs for a MONTH last summer, the J-bird was almost as worried about the dogs on day 30 as he had been on day 1. This is something that I believe will pass in time. I had a terror of dogs at his age too. My parents didn't force the issue, and I got over it right around the time I got tall enough that dogs weren't right at my face level. That's my plan in this case as well - no shame about feeling afraid, and no forcing him to "man up". At any rate, the J-bird mostly stayed upstairs, watching a movie while the dogs were here. He said hello to them, and he tried being around them, but it just freaked him out, so upstairs or right-next-to-Mama-with-a-death-grip-on-her-leg it was. No problem.

Miss V, on the other hand, fears nothing and nobody. She was a little shy at first, but she warmed right up to the "goggies". She followed them around and was really interested in where they were going and what they were doing. She was very sad to see them go home when it was time.
She also warmed up to the adorable apron that Traci brought for her to have. Is that thing cute, or what?

So that was our goggy encounter. While Miss V would probably love to start a dog farm now, we'll probably go on being a petless family. Or maybe we'll get a fish. Fish are pretty harmless, right? Yeah, that's the ticket...a fish...

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