Friday, June 8, 2012

Mailing A Letter To Granny

The thing the J-bird loves most at the moment is learning. Miss V loves everything, so including her is super easy. I just adjust age appropriateness for each kid (Miss V can find colors in the garden, while the J-bird tries to identify types of flowers. That kind of thing) We've worked on lots of things this week, inside the house and out, and one of the things the J-bird decided he wanted to do was to write a letter to Granny. It's more of a drawing covered in ink stamps, but whatever. Miss V gleefully followed suit.

 I had him practice writing the address on the envelope, and then he headed out to the mailbox to send it on its way.

I have no idea if it will get to its destination, as the addresses are written in pencil by a five year old. The kids enjoyed themselves though, and they learned about the mail, which is important. I love getting mail, don't you?

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Averill Conway said...

Did Granny received the letter?