Friday, June 29, 2012

She Was Very Brave

This last Sunday afternoon, James and I took the kids to see Brave in the theater. It was Miss V's first theater experience, and she did so well. We got the smallest popcorn the concession stand sells and let her hold the bag, which kept her busy, and she was very engrossed in the movie. I spent a good bit of time just watching her face, as she watched the big screen in awe. She is so sweet.

As for Brave, I really loved it (don't read on, if you get upset about spoilers). There are some parts that are a little scary, mainly loud bear sounds, and I was prepared to scoop up both children and run for the door, but it wasn't any scarier than any other Disney flick (fighting lions in Lion King, dragons in Sleeping Beauty or Aladdin, the angry beast in Beauty and the Beast), and as long as they knew James and I were there, they both did fine. Like most Disney movies, there's some magic. I don't mind that, but if it bothers you, you should steer clear. Unlike most Disney movies, the main character, Merida has a mother who loves her, not an evil step-mother or a mother who died many years ago, leaving her with a stereotypical bumbling, misguided and/or absent father. The father character is larger than life and very funny, but also very loving to both Merida and her mother. Merida is written fairly realistically, as far as that goes - she's a rebellious teenage girl who simultaneously wants what she wants AND wants to make her parents happy. She's definitely not Cinderella/Snow White/Sleeping Beauty/Jasmine/Belle perfect, and I liked that. My favorite part about the movie  is how Merida and her mother save each other in the end. I don't mind that most children's movies involve a handsome man saving the day, but this made a lovely change. I thought the storyline was very believable and engaging, and the end was really touching. It didn't hurt that the heroine has what Miss V calls, "wed curly hair" (she says this with delight, every time she looks in the mirror. I hope she always feels that happy about her beautiful hair.).

All in all, I'd watch this movie again, and I'm glad we took the kids. It was a fun afternoon and one we'll remember.

Have you seen "Brave" yet? Will you? If you've seen it, what did you think?

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