Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Way Back

 On Thursdays, the J-bird has a tumbling class for an hour. He loves it, and it's very good for him to have something where I'm not the boss of him (in addition to Sunday School, etc...). Something that doesn't involve me at all, in fact. Miss V and I usually go run an errand or something, but if there's nothing that needs doing, we just hang out in the car. Sometimes she watches a DVD, or she'll play with toys and read books.

Or, you know, she climbs into the way back to see what's back there.

My girl and I have a lovely time, just enjoying one another's company, and we always go back in to watch the last ten minutes or so of the J-bird's class, which pleases him.

As I was putting the children back in the car after today's tumbling class, I told the J-bird how nice it was to hear from his teacher that he'd done very well that day. He replied, "Thank you for saying that, Mommy. It is always a pleasure.". So there's that. A pleasure, indeed.

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