Thursday, June 28, 2012

We All Whine for Wine

 Like most parents with small children, it is very rare for James and I to go somewhere without our kids. We don't mind hossing them along with us everywhere, not at all. In fact, we like it. We like them. Every once in a while though, it's nice to go do something just for grown ups, and our awesome church threw a little shindig that fit the bill nicely last weekend - an afternoon winery tour!

 There are tons of wineries in our area, but James and I don't know much about wine and had never, in seven and a half years of living here, gone to any of them. Let me tell you, it was FUN. We visited three different wineries, tasting wines as we went, enjoying our fun church friends and having a blast.

 The views from the wineries weren't bad on the eyes, either!

 We are nerds. It's fun to get out there now and then and be together as grown ups ( "grown up" as we get).

 We rode on the church bus, just in case anyone had too much wine (no one did) and so no one would get lost on the winding country roads.

 The bus dropped us back at the church, where we collected our kiddos from the nursery and walked across the street with some pals to grab some supper. It was really a lovely afternoon.

Now, who wants to come visit Oregon, so I can take you to a winery or two?

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