Monday, June 4, 2012

A Wedding Cake Odyssey

 A while back, my neighbor and dear friend, Wendee told me that her younger sister was going to be getting married soon, that they were on a tight budget for their wedding.  and that they were wondering if they could hire me to make their cake, rather than going the often super-pricey route of having an actual professional (you know - someone who knows what they're doing) make it. I have never made a wedding cake before, so when I agreed, it was with some trepidation. The next time Amanda was in town, I made her some cake and icing samples to choose from, and we talked color and design. Then, last week, as the wedding drew near, I got to work.

 Amanda chose my favorite white chocolate cake, with strawberry filling and a yellow tinted buttercream. She wanted the icing to look "intentionally messy", which is fun. It is also a look that requires more work than you'd think. The cake was to have three layered tiers, and she wanted two square shaped layered cakes on the side, along with a small, gluten free cake for her mother.
 It was a lot of cake. I baked everything late in the week and then wrapped and refrigerated it.

 On Saturday, I leveled all the layers, filled them, and crumb coated everything. This is a messy process. If you're me, anyway. I may be digging yellow buttercream and cake crumbs out of the crevices of my kitchen for the rest of my life.

 Because the tiers were heavy, each one sat on its own cake board, and I cut dowels for the two lower tiers, so the whole shootin' match didn't collapse under its own weight. Thank you, internet.

 I iced the square cakes and the gluten free one, but I didn't want to transport the tiers already stacked, so I iced and stacked them once I got to the church on Sunday.

 Amanda and her family made a dipped apple bride and a groom for the top of the cake. To make sure they didn't topple over, I brought dowels to put in the bottom of each apple (two apiece). I think the effect was charming!

 The "intentionally messy" icing.

 Side cake.

 The gluten free cake.

 The taste of the cake held up, which I was very happy about, and my anxiety about all the strawberry filling soaking into the cake was alleviated, when they cut into it and revealed nice layers of filling, rather than the soggy mess I was worried about (I used a little gelatin in the filling, as well as adding a small amount of buttercream to stabilize.)

And now, here are some photos of the wedding. It really was a sweet event!

 The J-bird's best pal, D, aka: "the ring girl"

 Her shoes, which she refused to wear.

 My other contribution - daisies from my yard ;)

 I got home as the sun was setting, just in time to kiss my kids, who were already in bed (but not sleeping yet). And then, I collapsed next to James and vegged out. Delightful.

Congratulations, Michael and Amanda! I hope your lovely wedding was just the beginning of a life of joy together. And thank you for trusting me to make your cake!


Buffee Ann said...

You're so cool. And Awesome. And I miss you.

Geneva said...

The feeling is mutual :)