Friday, July 6, 2012

Cube Shelves

 The J-bird, being a five year old boy, has a lot of treasures. Shark teeth and fossils, Sunday School projects, gifts from Granny and get the idea. I'm constantly looking for organization ideas, while I covertly dispose of the stuff he won't miss (sorry, kid - you're burying me here). A long time ago, I hung a small shelf above the chest of drawers in his room. There's a weird configuration of wall studs and outlets, so it was way off center, but I didn't mind it, until it got so overrun with little boy trinkets that his dresser and the shelf just looked like a constant junk pile.

 I scouted around for ideas, and decided to go with cube shelves. I picked up three at IKEA.
 They were a nice, light wood color, but that's not the look I'm going for in the J-bird's room, so I spray painted all the pieces.

 I love Rust-Oleum paint.

 Once all the pieces were dry, I assembled the cubes.

 I tediously hung them on the wall in an uneven (but level!) pattern, and I put scrapbook papers in the back of each cube. Be proud of me - I even remembered to drill a hole in the back of the bottom one AND thread the cord through before hanging it. I know. I'm practically a genius.

And yes, I have surveillance cameras in my kids' rooms. Don't judge me.
I'll remove them - or hide them better - when they're teenagers  :)

 I arranged all his stuff on and in the shelves, taped the cords down with blue tape and moved the dresser and hamper back up to the wall. (The hamper hides the outlet full of cords - too full to sit flat behind the dresser, which is why the dresser has to be where it is. And the shelves have to be in the studs, which is why they are where they are. It's all a little off kilter, but whatevs.)

Muuuuuuuuuuuch better. refinish that chest of drawers, or not....

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