Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How I Fixed The Pillows

When I made the pillows for my front porch, I had what I thought was a GREAT idea. I'd make a stencil and paint "knock" on each pillow - "knock knock"...get it? I thought about doing "ding" and "dong", but that just....didn't seem right. Anyway, it was an unmitigated disaster. I tried spray paint, which went everywhere, then craft paint, which didn't help the situation. Gross. I had them turned around backward, BUT I KNEW THAT UGLINESS WAS THERE, so I decided to fix them.

 Over the mess, I put a remnant of the same towel I used to make the pillow.

 Then, I added green ribbon.

 I made a stencil and painted onto green felt, then added that. These pillows are decorative, rather than really functional, so craft felt and hot glue were used. Don't tell on me. I'm WAY too lazy to take the whole pillow apart to sew it correctly.

 I repeated the process on the other pillow, and voila!

Pillows my favorite little "Knock knock" joke teller can be pleased with.

Here's an example of a J-bird knock-knock joke:

J - "Knock knock!"
Me - "Who's there?"
J- *blows raspberries and laughs hysterically*

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