Thursday, July 5, 2012

It Was A Blast

 Here's a little slice of our Fourth of July celebration this year:

Red, White and Blue pie (cherry and blueberry)

 Grilling burgers and hotdogs (pre-flip in this photo)

 Hanging out with the Beckers!


 Safety bucket! (aka: sparkler soup)

 Note: Everyone ran outside so fast, I didn't realize Miss V was barefoot. She got some shoes shortly after this.

 Amy painted Miss V's nails, and Miss V was enchanted by them.

 Lots of desserts with neighbors

 Happy children


 Miss V was feeling very affectionate.

 The running away is the best part :)


 Daddy's little pyro

 Miss Independent

 My Miss V and my friend, Wendee's Miss M polished off most of a (small) watermelon, between the two of them. Every time we turned around, one or the other had sneaked another wedge off the table.

This is the "I know you're watching me, but I'm pretending not to see you" face.

We had a happy 4th, and I hope those of you who also celebrate this holiday had a good one too!

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