Monday, July 16, 2012

Numbered Drawers

 The J-bird has my old chest of drawers in his room. It's a great dresser, but it's pretty beat up. I've thought about refinishing it or painting it, but I kind of like the beat up aspect, so I went a simpler direction.

 I found a font that was suitably rocket-shippy (to go with the theme of his room), drew it out on cardstock and cut out four numbers. I taped them onto the drawers and got out some paint.

 And a sponge applicator.

 I dabbed on the paint.

 Pulled off my home-made stencils. Let the paint dry most of the way.

I wanted the numbers to look as old and beat up as the dresser, so, while they were still not quite dry, I rubbed at them with a damp cloth. I love the final effect.

The nice thing about using this inexpensive craft paint is that I can easily remove it if and when we get tired of the numbered drawers.

Happily, the J-bird-who-hates-all-change was delighted with the numbers. Win!

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