Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ol' Cupboard-sides

 I saw this cute project on a blog called Homespun with Love, and I just had to try it.

 First, I found some really lovely lazer cut wood frames for an excellent price on eBay. I ordered four.

 When the frames arrived, I spray painted them red. I considered yellow, since I'm magically in love with that color these days, but I went with red, because I have a large collection of red glass objects throughout my kitchen, and I want to keep that accent color.

There's this fantastic website with free vintage clipart, called The Graphics Fairy, and I spent a large amount of time scrolling through the humongous amount of awesome clipart. I highly recommend it.

I chose graphic, black and white clipart of kitchen objects - an old fashioned ice cream machine, some silverware, an old egg beater, and a canning jar. I printed them out, cut them to fit, and just taped them behind each frame.

Then I hung two on each side of my sink, on the sides of the cupboards that butt up to that space. A lovely use of those big, blank cupboard sides, I must say (and all credit to the originators of this idea at Homespun with Love - I thought this was so clever.)

I'm thrilled with the end result!

As an added bonus, when I received the eBay frames, there was an extra one in the box. I emailed the seller, to see if I needed to pay extra or send back the fifth frame (I felt wrong keeping it, if it was an accident), and the seller said it hadn't been up to standard, so they'd thrown it in for free. Sweet! I painted it as well, printed out a vintage-y laundry pic, and stuck that baby on my laundry room door.

I think it compliments the Velvet Elvis painting that James gave me when we were dating, don't you?  That man has always known me so well.

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