Monday, July 30, 2012

Photosynthesis for a Five Year Old

 This week, the J-bird is learning about photosynthesis. I started by drawing a diagram for him on our sliding glass door. We talked about it last night and again this morning, working on pronouncing the big words, like "carbon dioxide" and "photosynthesis".

 Next, we went back to our sprouted avocado pit, which we put in water LAST SEPTEMBER, and which took at least six months to sprout any leaves. Persistence, people.  I kept a pit from an avocado I used a few weeks ago to use as a "before" illustration.

 We split that open to remind ourselves how we started. (It got a little grody, sitting around and waiting to be used.)

 Next, we pulled our sprout out of the water and took a gentle look at all its parts. Both kids breathed onto the leaves of the plant, and we talked more about how our bodies get rid of carbon dioxide and plants take it in.

 This thing has some serious roots. I'm sure avocado growing enthusiasts could tell you all the thousands of ways I did this incorrectly. Oh well. We talked about how the plant gets water and food through its root system, and then we (finally!) planted that sucker in a pot.

Lesson on photosynthesis accomplished, and one less thing in the kitchen window. Now let's see if we can remember to water it...

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