Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Seaside With My Sister

 My sister, Olivia is here for a visit, and we're making the most of her time here. On Sunday, we loaded up the car for a day in Seaside.

 We stopped at Camp 18 on the way out and had breakfast. It's an old logging camp that's now a restaurant and logging museum. There are lots of old trains and logging equipment to examine, and the kids love it.

 The Oregon coast is not often sunny and warm - at least in my experience. The water is cold, and it's usually foggy and cool. I love it though, and my kids do too. I think Olivia might've been expecting something different though. We put a blanket down, and James and I took the kids to dip our toes in the (very cold) water, while Olivia stayed on the blanket. I think she had a good text conversation going on her phone ;).

James and the J-bird got a bit ahead of Miss V and I.

 Mainly because she kept pausing to put more sand in her bucket.

 We caught up though.

 We found a little puddle when we were closer to the water. The J-bird dipped his toe in. Unsurprisingly, Miss V plunged in with both feet, splashing and giggling.

 She's my little adventurer.

 Running away from the little waves delighted both kids. We laughed SO hard.

 Miss V wanted some water in her bucket, so Daddy bravely ventured out to get her some.

 I told you the water was cold!

 She was thrilled with the hard-won water. And then she promptly poured it all out, to make room for more sand.

 Ah, to be two.

 We had so much fun!

 When we finally got cold at the beach, we got the kiddos dressed and went to the arcade to play pinball and Skee-ball for a while.

We grabbed some (late) lunch on the way out of town and headed home. What a wonderful day!

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