Saturday, July 21, 2012

Swimming Lessons for the J Bird

 I've tried since the J Bird was bitty to teach him how to swim. He's a cautious, sometimes fearful kiddo though, and he has always been scared of the water. I waited and waited to put him in swimming lessons, not wanting to force him and make it a big, traumatic deal. We even tried a few private lessons last summer, when we were in Kansas. Nothing really stuck though, and I finally decided that this child has GOT to learn how to swim - whether he wants to, or not - for his own safety. So I enrolled him in swimming lessons at our local pool. This is Oregon, so the pool is inside, but they have a lovely roll-up door that they open in the summer, so the chlorine fumes aren't bad at all. He was pretty nervous at first.
(Nervousness, pictured here)

I was worried he'd do for the teacher what he's always done with me - cling on and tense up and refuse to try, because he's worried about what might happen. Bless his heart. I did my best to soothe him, and told him that he needed to face his fear and learn how fun swimming is. He was unconvinced.
(Not convinced at all. Thinks I'm full of beans.)

 But, after a few days, wouldn't you know it....

 ...wonder of wonders...

...the kid LOVES it.

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