Friday, August 10, 2012

How We Roll When We Are Sick

Our family had the distinct displeasure of catching a summer cold this last week. There were fevers and runny noses and sore throats and kids up at night and grumpy, tired children and parents for a few days 'round here. I am not a person who likes to spread the germs, so when we get sick, we stay home. Here's how we cope:

We go low and slow - pajamas all day, if you want! Bonus points if your fever spikes so fast that you throw up and need to change pajamas.

Lots of snuggles when fevers get high and heads are aching. If being held while you sleep is what you require, then that is what you shall have.

 A little more screen time than normal - learning games are ok, right? ;)

 Coloring on as many pieces of paper as you want!

As many photos as you want taken of your silly Nutella mustache, just because it makes you smile.

 Comfort food all around.

 Fun, quiet games.

 Fresh air every day.

Reading and re-reading and re-re-reading stacks of books, while we snuggle with our favorite quilt on the couch.

And, sometimes, some beautiful surprise flowers from Daddy, because "Mommy had a hard day" with sad, feverish kiddos around the clock.

Am I lucky, or what?

I do what I can to make everyone as comfortable as possible, and then I collapse for however long I can and try to heal up as well. Before long, that nasty bug burns its way through all four of us, and we're back in business. You know what though? As much as I haaaaaaaaaate seeing James and my kids sick and miserable, and as much as I haaaaaaaaaaate being sick, myself, I do enjoy these quiet days at home. They have a sweetness of their own. NOT that I'd like to repeat the summer cold part of it. Keep your dang germs to yourself! ;)


Jody said...

I think I want to come be sick at your house :)

Geneva said...

Better yet, come be well at my house! :)