Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Last of the Summer Swimming Lessons

 It's been a big summer for swimming around here. Both kids have been taking lessons at the municipal pool, and it's been a hugely positive experience.

 Due, in large part, to their great teacher, Alyssa.

 The previously fearful J-bird has learned the love the water. (And he learned about water safety, which is what the life jackets in this photo - taken on "safety day" - are about)

 And Miss V...well....she's made her feelings about it very clear from the start.

 But all good things must end, and our last day of summer lessons came up at the end of last week, so James took a little break from work to come watch the kids swim.

 Miss V is too young for the group classes, so I've had her take a few private lessons, and it has been worth every last nickel I spent.

 And, after watching them both in the pool, James agreed that it's been a summer well spent.

 They've made some friends.

 learned to be patient, when it's someone else's turn to swim (well, erm, sort of patient),

 they've learned a lot

 won out over some fears (he floated for several seconds on his own!)

 and enjoyed the sensation of flight.

Much gratitude to Alyssa, and to our local pool. After a little hiatus, we'll be signing up for some lessons through the Fall and Winter months as well (excellent P.E. for my little home-squirrels), and we can't wait!

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