Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh Sweet, Sweet Organization

The kids were in bed, the baskets I'd ordered had arrived, and I was looking at a horrifying jumble of toys, games, puzzles and books. An hour and a half later, I had thrown a laundry basket full of JUNK into the recycling bin, put aside a bag for Goodwill, and organized everything else. Both cabinets (underneath) are completely cleaned out and organized. The drawers are free of detritus and debris and filled with puzzles IN THEIR OWN BOXES. The shelves no longer look like something out of a hoarder's paradise. Nothing is stored in Ziploc bags anymore, because I replaced them with little plastic boxes-with-lids (now that Miss V can get into everything). Aaaaaaaahhhhh. I love it. Sometimes, I just go in there to gaze at the wonder that is the living room toy area. Is that weird? Eh, I don't really care.

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