Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer Reading

My kids did the Summer Reading Program at our local library for the first time this year. The J-bird read some of the books on his list by himself, and we read the rest to him (and all of Miss V's to her). We had fun, filling out the form, and on August 1, we headed over for the big celebration in the Children's Section at the library.

The J-bird has always been a devoted fan of "Melmo". He seems to be outgrowing Elmo a little, which makes me happy and sad, at the same time.

Miss V LOVES Elmo...but this was as close as she was willing to get.

We turned in the reading log for each child, and they each got to choose a free book. They played and hung out with all the other kids, and then we checked out some books and headed home. I have wonderful memories of the Summer Reading Program when I was a child. I have always loved books and reading, and my kids have that same love. I hope it is as permanent a fixture in their lives as it has always been in mine.

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