Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Grand Fair

Last Friday, the kids and I were "in town" for a meeting with a friend of mine, who is hiring me to do some artwork (more on that later). Said meeting happened to be near the fair grounds, which happened to be hosting the county fair. While I wouldn't normally recommend taking two small children to a county fair on a whim, that's just what I did, and we had a great time.

The fair is touted as having "FREE ADMISSION!". There is, however, a $5 fee to park. Wah wah. That ate up the majority of the $7 in cash I had with me. Also, every vendor I saw only took cash, and, as you may suspect, drinks and food at the fair are expensive. I was so impressed with my kids though: they asked me ONCE for a sno-cone, and when I didn't have the cash for it, they just said, "Ok. Maybe next time?", and we moved on.
 Have I ever mentioned that my family used to raise sheep? I was a teenager when they started raising them, so I wasn't all that into it, but I did raise, show, and sell a sheep at the fair one year.

I really, really wanted to buy a tape player for my car.

In other news, remember tapes? No? Oh, hush up.

 In addition to walking through all the animal barns and watching the sheep and cattle shows (the kids loved the horses, sheep, chickens and bunnies, were NOT wild about the cows, and Miss V was frightened out of the goat barn by a little goat that was "talking" very loudly to her) and walking through the reptile tent *shudder*, we spent a long time in the Intel sponsored tent that had tons of physics activities. This was the J-bird's favorite.

 Does Sir Isaac Newton's wig look a little like a mud dauber's nest to anyone else, or is that just me?
Perhaps that was the fashion of the day.
To me, our little unplanned adventure proved that you CAN have fun for very little money at the fair. And really, every activity with kids does not have to be a giant spend-a-thon, even if it is geared to be one, which is a refreshing thing to be reminded of. The very sweetest part was how grateful my kids were that I surprised them by taking them there. I mean, we were there for maybe an hour and a half, and I didn't buy them a single thing, but the J-bird thanked me probably 15 times on the way home for taking him to "the grand fair", and that made me feel pretty grand about the whole thing, really.

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