Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Yaaaahd.

 This here is what my back yard looked like a week ago.

Try not to judge me too harshly. You may sprain something.

Anyway, we had some pretty major issues with drainage back there. The lawn was a swamp, most of the time, and our patio was a lake for much of the winter (We live in Oregon. It rains here.)

Witness the stunning shag carpet of moss I just power washed off the aggregate patio:
 We saved up, found a landscape company that's great with drainage issues, and plowed ahead.

See what I did there? Plowed?

They ripped up the lawn and dug a trench along the edge of the patio.

Then, they brought in extra topsoil and tilled and tilled and tilled and tilled....(and tilled some more) and turned the trench into a french drain that is now covered in river rock. I realize that fist sized throwing rocks in plentiful supply is not ideal with small children, but neither is stepping out of my kitchen into the ankle deep, freezing cold waters of Lake Patio in the winter.

After spreading lime on the tilled, raked, rolled and expertly sculpted dirt, the guys brought in new sod and rolled it out. My kids were fascinated by this. Unsurprisingly, the J-bird-who-hates-all-change wanted to know when they would be bringing our OLD grass back.

And here it is now. The drain ties into a dry well on the side of the house. There are no more dips and rolls in the lawn to twist an ankle or hold a big, stinky puddle of water and mud. It looks beautiful. I just hope it solves the issues we had. I know I speak for both James and myself when I say that I could go forever without having to spend 40 minutes sweeping water off the patio with a broom, at night, in the rain, in the middle of winter (usually cussing the whole time) ever again.

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