Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Front Door Initial

 This last Spring, I bought one of those cardboard letters for my front door, along with some fabric that I used to cover it.

 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII hate it. I hated it as soon as it was finished, but I'd spent a few bucks on the fabric, so I felt the need to leave it up for a while.

 Today, I was finally sick enough of looking at it to rip the fabric off. So I did.

 Then, I used my hot glue gun to add a design. I've seen this done (on Pinterest) with Elmer's Glue and with puffy paint, but I'm just not patient enough for that.

 Hot glue dries fast.

 Once the glue was cool, I spray painted the whole thing with a metallic paint. Once THAT was dry, I dry brushed white craft paint over the metallic. I distressed it as it dried, using a paper towel and my fingernail (I'm very high tech).

 Then I went all Portlandia and put a bird on it.

 Hot glued a paperclip on the back.

And hung 'er on the front door. So much better!