Thursday, September 13, 2012

How It's Going, Two Weeks In

 The short answer is: GREAT! The J-bird loves Kindergarten at home, and Miss V is enjoying her pre-school at home too.

 The J-bird is using Saxon's Kindergarten math program, and we're sprinting through the Explode the Code reading and writing series, just to make sure there aren't any gaps in what he knows.

 Each child has their own school supplies, which they love. I even wrote their initials on each crayon, and they giggle every time they see that.

 Miss V works on counting and letters and colors and fine motor activities (until she gets bored)

We start school right after breakfast each morning, unless there's an appointment or something, so sometimes we do school in our pajamas. One of the many perks of learning at home.

For us, teaching the kids at home for pre-school has been a wonderful experience. Kindergarten at home is a blast so far, and I don't see that changing. The plan is still to send the J-bird to school for first grade next year, and I'm guessing he'll do just fine there, too. It's wonderful to have this time with both kids as they learn how to learn though. It's a part of their lives that I get to be intimately involved with for a while, and it's an experience I will remember fondly forever.

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The Path Traveled said...

I think it is wonderful that you get to home school your children and be part of the stepping stones of their life's.