Friday, September 28, 2012

Pass It On

Yesterday morning, the kids and I loaded up early and rolled out to the Pass It On Sale in Hillsboro. We waited in line with some friends until the doors opened, then raided the racks for all the clothes  the kids need for this Fall, Winter, and Spring. I always approach this sale with a strategy - go in with a list of what's needed in what sizes, get there early, take 25-30 minutes (TOPS) to shop, then get in line to pay before it gets a mile long. This strategy almost always works. In fact, I got every single thing on my list and only waited three minutes to pay. After I took all my purchases out to the car, the kids and I went back in to find Birdie and saw that the line to pay now stretched halfway around the huge warehouse. Yikes!

It's chaos, but it's worth it. I found a ridiculous number of great items in excellent condition - some with original tags still on them - some even name brand (not that I care), and I spent less than a quarter the price I would (refuse to) pay new.

As an added bonus, my kids were amazing. I wore Miss V in a backpack carrier, and the J-bird stayed right next to me the whole time, cheerfully helping me carry things. I was so impressed with both of them, especially because it could easily have gone the other way, what with all the waiting, shopping, and other boring adult stuff that kids hate. I took them out to lunch afterward and thanked them both. When I told the J-bird that I was proud of how he'd really helped me, stayed close to me, and refrained from whining and begging, he said, "Thank you, Mama! That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me!"

I'm fairly sure I've said nicer things, but whatevs. Perhaps I need to step up my game.

Anyway, along with all the other awesome loot, I found these LEGO Star Wars flannel pajamas for the J-bird, which makes me his all-time favorite person ever.

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