Sunday, September 23, 2012

Whirlwind of Fun with Friends

 My sweet friend-since-junior-high, Tracy was visiting Portland over the last few days with her precious kids and her husband. Her husband was at a conference each day, so Tracy and I got the kids together for a series of fun adventures, and we were joined by our spouses when they were free.

We started on Thursday morning with the Portland Children's Museum:

 Alligator teeth were brushed

 They played grocery store and restaurant

 They picked pretend flowers

 Played veterinarian

Explored all the fun, sensory activities

 Played with clay

 Painted their faces

 And put on a show. This was a particularly moving rendition of the Alphabet Song.

The next day, we visited the zoo. Yes, this was the second time in one week for my kids. That pretty much made me their hero.

 Friday evening, Tracy's whole family drove out to our house. We went to Pizza Schmizza and hung out at our house, and I forgot to take a single photo.

On Saturday, we all (including the big dudes) met at the Portland Saturday Market to wander on the waterfront and marvel at all the arts and crafts and food carts under the bridge.

 I'm pretty sure the J-bird has signed on the dotted line in the "friends for life" category. He was devastated when we had to say goodbye and begged me to have his friends come back over, just one more time. It was too cool to see my kids and Tracy's kids playing together and becoming such fast friends. Sweetness (and a little naughtiness) abounded, and we had such a wonderful time.

Now, to convince them to relocate to Oregon permanently....

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