Wednesday, October 31, 2012


 This Sunday, the commission I serve on at our church threw a big, all-church Halloween party, and it was so fun. We had a potluck, music, a fishing game, a drawing for a goodie bag, a cupcake walk and a costume contest. Tons of people showed up with lots of kids, and it was really great.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Last Dance With Coach Cari

 The J-bird has been taking tumbling lessons for about a year and a half at the Gym Nest in Hillsboro, OR, and it's been a wonderful experience. He's learned a lot and had a great time, and he LOVES his teacher, Coach Cari. For various reasons, it's time to be done with tumbling class though, and yesterday was his very last time. We decided to make Coach Cari a present to thank her for all her hard work. The J-bird wanted to give her some kind of treat, so we brainstormed a little, and then I got to work.

 I scoured Pinterest for inspiration and decided to go with "See You Later, Alligator". I made this little tag, complete with tumbling pun, and had the J-bird sign his name.

 We put the tag inside a re-usable cup

 And we filled the cup with fruit roll-ups. Get it? ROLL-ups? Like a forward roll? Yeah, well, I thought it was funny.

 I put some confetti in the cup as well, then I made a little tag for the top.


Yesterday morning, we loaded into the car and trekked out to the Gym Nest for the last time.

 As usual, class was a blast.

James took a little break from work to come with us. The J-bird was VERY surprised when we pulled up to Daddy's office, and James got in the car. This is one of the many things I love about this man - not that he would take time off to come watch, even though he doesn't care about it; but that he would take time off to come watch, because he DOES care about it.

 Luckily for the J-bird, it was trampoline day - his favorite!

 Thank you so much to Coach Cari and to the Gym Nest for a really fun year and a half in the J-bird's life. You guys are great!

We went out to lunch with some of our friends from class afterward (to celebrate one friend's birthday), and when we said goodbye, my poor little J-bird got very emotional and sad. He asked me, with big tears running down his face, why goodbyes are so hard and so sad. It was fairly heart-wrenching, I won't lie. My boy is like most other five year olds we know - loud, busy, ornery, funny. He also feels things really deeply, and he doesn't always know (you know...because he's FIVE) how to deal with it. I can sympathize, because I've always been that way too - sensitive (sometimes overly so), empathetic, sometimes anxious, always trying to think of everyone's feelings (not very practical) with a tendency to over-think and over-work situations. I'm pretty sure it's extremely annoying. I have often wondered WHY I'm that way. Maybe it's so I can help him navigate. I'll try.

At any rate, he was exhausted and passed out in the car on the way home. I suppose that's as good an ending as any for his tumbling adventure. Here's looking forward to all the many phases of my J-bird's life, and here's hoping that as many of those phases as possible will be as pleasant as this one has been. I sure do love you, little boy.