Friday, October 19, 2012


 This week, instead of gathering to do a craft together, we trekked out to IKEA with our friends from across the street.

May I just say that I could easily spend the whole day wandering through IKEA? I stinkin' love that place. Even if I go and buy nothing, the time isn't wasted, because - the IDEAS! Oh, my word. So many ideas. Alas, my husband and children enjoy IKEA, but not nearly as much as I do, so they're usually only good for two hours, max. With snack stops. Good thing I plan ahead. :) Wendee and I managed about an hour and a half with the four children, plus lunch. It was so fun! Oh, and PS. I'm no shop-a-holic, but I've never left IKEA without buying anything. I'm pretty sure that's physically impossible for me.

I came away this time with just a few things, including this organization system for Miss V's ever growing "hair doo-dads" collection. Yeehaw!

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