Thursday, October 25, 2012

Milk, Color, Soap

 The kids and I did this little activity this week, taken from the lesson on surface tension in "My Big Science Book", and it was a big hit. We poured a little milk onto a plate and added food coloring. The color stayed where we put it, until we dropped a tiny bit of dish soap in the middle. Then, all the color RAN away from the soap and mixed together, like so (I should've taken photos in process, but sometimes ya just gotta live it, ya know?):

If we jostled the plate a little, the colors mixed even more:

 We liked the way the colors looked, so we tried laying some pieces of paper on top to see what happened.

The J-bird is really into writing people letters lately, so he decided he might use the pretty paper for that, once it's dry.


Stacy said...

Love this project! I will definitely have to try this out during one of the many rainy days we have coming.

Geneva said...

It was really fun! The kids LOVED it.