Friday, October 12, 2012

Sharrel's Bench

 A few months after we got married in 2001, James and I flew back to Kansas for Christmas. While we were there, we packed all my stuff into a UHaul truck, so it could make the trip from Kansas to California, where we were living (My dad, my brother and I made the drive - thanks, guys!). While we were packing the truck, my mom and my mother-in-law, Sharrel went through their attics and basements and storage closets and found amazing treasures that they gifted us with. One of those treasures was a bench that had been sitting on my mother-in-law's front porch since she and my father-in-law bought the house that my husband grew up in. It was painted black when she gave it to me, but I painted it red. It sat in my dining room at our house in California, and I loved it. When we moved to Oregon, it got painted brown, and it sat on our front porch for seven years. When I re-did my front porch last summer, I decided to try moving it inside to replace the kids' chairs at the table.

 I power washed all the porch grime off of it.

Then I took a look at repairing the broken arm. In the end, I decided to take that arm off, because having it off makes it easier for the J-bird to get in and out of his seat for meals. I left the other arm ON, because it contains Miss V on her end. Having the bench in place of chairs has prevented the several-times-a-day falling OUT of the chair that Miss Vievel Knievel was  perfecting as part of her act. I have not yet filled the holes from the removed arm, because I haven't decided if I'm going to put it back on someday, or if I'm going to eventually take the other arm off as well. Decisions, decisions.

After trying out the bench for a couple of months, I painted it again. I'm kind of in a yellow phase, so I went with "Golden Maize" spray paint from Valspar. I really wanted the bench to look its age and show its character though, so I rubbed the edges with an old candle (after sanding, before painting), painted it, and then took my sander to it a second time. I hit it with some spray polyurethane when it was all dry and wiped down, and I will most likely make a cushion for the seat when I have time.


 I love that I can see brown, red, and black paint peeking out in spots, and even some of the original wood. I love that it looks like it sat on my sweet mother-in-law's porch for thirty years.

I love seeing my wiggleworm kids sitting on the bench, eating their food and NOT falling on their heads. Mission accomplished.

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