Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stair Baskets

 Our family has a piling problem. Really, we have a "too much stuff" problem, but that's a different conversation about our first world issues. The piling problem is this: junk from upstairs comes downstairs, usually in little hands, and needs to go back up. Kitchen towels get dirty and need to make their way up to the laundry room. Little socks get removed and need to be put away. And on. And on. And on. And it all get piled on the steps to take up "later", only the steps make all that stuff magically invisible to everyone but me, and my hands are usually already full when I'm heading up the stairs. The messy piles make me CRAZY. Don't get me wrong - there's a time and place for piles of stuff - my craft area is currently a total nightmare, because I'm preparing to completely change it and force it to make up its mind what it IS. That area has a door that can be closed when guests come over though. The stairs do not.

Enter a bunch of baskets from Thrift City and some handmade labels.

 There are baskets for clothes, towels, toys, and "etc.". The J-bird can read the labels, so I can have him put items in the correct baskets as we're picking things up downstairs 4,000 times a day, and a basket is easier to carry upstairs when my hands are full than a giant pile of random crap is.

 I made the labels with cardstock and craft paper I already had. I was trying for a stylized lettering thing that didn't really work out, but it'll have to do for now. I "laminated" each label with packing tape, hole punched them on either side, and tied them onto the baskets with some twine I had.

 I had planned to paint the baskets some cheerful color, but then I thought the brown might be better, since it blends into the carpet a little. I dunno. Whatchoo think?


traci said...

I like the brown. But what I can see, is the banister painted a bright and cheery color!

Becca B said...

If you paint them different colors it might be easier for Vivi to help too! You can tell her what color goes with what type of item. Great idea! My mom had a stair basket growing up and if we still had stairs I would totally use one too!