Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pinterest Wins Again

 I saw a post on Pinterest a while back that, like many posts on Pinterest, struck me as fairly genius. A mom had put magnets on the back of some plastic cups, so her kids could get their own sips of water when they were thirsty. Say! I have impatient, often thirsty children too! I HAD to do it.

 I grabbed some cups the kids had picked out at the store and went to work.

 I tried several different magnets, along with various methods of sticking them on, and what finally worked the best was Krazy Glue and rare earth magnets. I got the magnets on Amazon for cheap, and I already had some Krazy Glue.

The cups work well, and the kids really like being able to get their own sips of water when they want them. If they start getting reckless with the dispenser on the 'fridge and making messes, I just put the cups higher up until they get the point. And hey, it's just water.

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