Friday, December 28, 2012

And Now, Taking Down Christmas

I don't like to leave the Christmas decorations up much past Christmas. It starts to feel sad and stale - like wearing your favorite outfit for a few days in a row. You still LIKE the outfit, but it really needs a wash, and you need to wear something different for a bit. So, today, I hauled out all the boxes that were unearthed a month ago, and I'm filling them back up with the sparkly, the evergreeny, the red and gold, the shiny, the merry, the festive. Away it goes for another eleven months, and then we'll take it back out, marvel over all the memories, and enjoy the Christmas season again. God willing, we'll have many Christmases together, before my children go on to create gorgeous memories with families of their own. God willing, the coming years hold more sparkly-evergreeny-red and gold-shiny-merry-festive seasons with these people I love so much, it aches. For now, I'll hold all the hope of it in my heart and get to work.

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