Thursday, December 6, 2012

Emma's Birthday and Goodbye For Now

 We wrapped up our time in Kansas by celebrating the third family birthday of the month, my sister, Emma's. She turned twenty six, and we celebrated by all getting together one more time at the farm. We had some family photos taken in the morning. After that, we changed out of our picture clothes and had a weenie roast and birthday cake, followed by as many board games as everyone could stand while the kids napped. It was a great day.

After this last celebration, James and the kids and I drove back into Kansas City to soak up some more precious time with his folks and with our friends. We enjoyed one last evening and morning before James flew back home to Oregon.

After James left, the kids and I spent the last couple of days back out at the farm. Mom and I painted a table and some benches for her kitchen, went for walks, shopped a little, and enjoyed our last moments until next time.

We spent the very last day emptying out the two rooms in my parents' house that were about to be remodeled, and then we stripped the wallpaper off the walls. In fact, we were stripping wallpaper until about half an hour before the kids and I set out for the airport. Nobody has more fun than us ;).

We said our goodbyes and headed to the airport, boarding a plane for a very long flight home. We were all exhausted, but the kids did really well. James picked us up on the Oregon end, and we drove home to find an interesting welcoming committee...

Yeah. I have weird friends.

So now we're back in the cool, rainy Northwest. We've settled back into our routine of home school and play dates and church and family time. We made some wonderful memories and had a lot of fun, and, as always, the absence of our extended family settles back into our bones as the distance becomes real. Still, it's good to be home. We're together, surrounded by friends and chosen family, preparing for Christmas. It is - to borrow a phrase - a wonderful life. And, I mean, c'mon - my.own.bed. That's hard to beat after a month away. Thank you for everything, Kansas. Thank you for everything, loved ones. Until next time... xoxoxoxo - G

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