Friday, December 14, 2012

Outfit Du Jour

 Miss V is very particular about what she wears these days. If at all possible, I must put a skirt or dress on her. Bonus points for Mommy if the skirt is a tutu (If it is NOT a tutu, she will find a tutu and put it on over her clothing). The color pink must always be included - that's mostly non-negotiable (I keep trying all other colors. She's not going for it). She will tolerate pants and a shirt, as long as I agree to call the shirt a dress. When she saw this little hoodie (which I picked to go with the tutu she insisted on wearing), she said, "Oh my GOODNESS! So pretty! Let's do this!" We added her little pink cowboy boots and a barrette on the little braid in her hair, and she was thrilled with how she looked.

 Which is not apparent in this photo. Her brother taught her how to do the "grumpy photo look". Joy.

 There's that gorgeous smile!

PS. Dear Emma and Olivia, thank you for all those times you let me spend hours braiding your hair and giving you elaborate hairstyles when you were little girls. That practice is coming in handy :)

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