Thursday, December 6, 2012


 We had Thanksgiving at my folks' farm. A minor miracle occurred, and every sibling, spouse, and grandchild was present. I have four siblings, three of whom are adults, so the planets truly must align to get all of us in one place.

The table was really beautiful - the kids had made decorations earlier in the week, with lists of things they are thankful for (Miss V's included: scissors, her hands, kisses, and her family. The J-bird's were: hugs, kisses, joy, and Granny.), so we interspersed those with pieces of my mom's large cache of Fall and Thanksgiving decor. We had TONS of food and TONS of dessert, and we ate until we were silly (er). It was awesome.

Once we could move, we went for a walk. The kids lasted about a mile (though Miss V suckered my brother AND my dad into giving her shoulder rides), and then James and my dad took them back to the house, while my brother, my youngest sister (Tassi), my mom, and I went for a hike in the woods to work off some of our gluttonous pie consumption. That earned us each some extra pie and coffee. Rules of Thanksgiving! They are immutable.

While my kids napped, the rest of us sat on the porch, overlooking the valley and "the Ruins" where James and I got married, and we talked and laughed, as only a large number of oft-separated family members can do. It was lovely, and I was thankful.

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