Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kansas Day

I grew up in Kansas, and every January 29th when I was a child, we celebrated Kansas Day, the anniversary of the day Kansas joined the Union. There were costumes and crafts and learning Kansas facts. I have very fond memories of Kansas Day.

I live in Oregon now, and I love it here, but I like to bring a little Kansas to the party anyhow, so the kids and I made sunflower sugar cookies today. We put the dough together, then tinted it yellow. I cut out petal shapes with a knife, and they each pieced together their own flower.
They very excitedly watched the cookies bake.

Once they'd baked and cooled, I added chocolate frosting for the centers. We'll enjoy them after supper tonight, singing "Happy Birthday" to my beloved Kansas, of course.


Monkee said...

How Fun! Those are the little things they will remember fondly when they get older :)

Geneva said...

I hope so :)