Friday, January 25, 2013

Pardon Me, I Need To Powder My Nose

 As I've mentioned, we've lived in our beloved house for eight years now. It's a house we saw constructed, for which we chose everything, in which we've arranged, re-arranged, and RE-re-arranged the rooms to suit our growing family. It has served us well, but it's been looking a little tired and worn. We re-vamped the master shower and the kitchen and had the paint on the front of the house re-done two years ago. Last year, we replaced the VERY ratty carpet and the equally-in-need-of-help back yard. This year, we're going with smaller projects, like the painted doors, some much-needed organizational systems (mainly for my overflowing craft supply disaster), and redecoration and painting of the kids' bathroom and the downstairs powder room. Projects we can do ourselves for a smaller cost.


I decided to start with the downstairs powder room, because it's small, and because it's the bathroom our guests use. It's also the bathroom our kids use most, because we spend most of our time downstairs. Without being indelicate, let me just say that it was QUITE clear that children make heavy use of this bathroom. I took every part of the seat off and sanitized it to death.


Anyway, I chose a medium gray color, wrapped the toilet in plastic wrap and got to work. I had to paint the ceiling as well, because our builders painted everything - walls AND ceilings - the same color. This makes any room-painting scenario twice as daunting, because painting ceilings is a gigantic pain in the neck. Whatever. I painted the ceiling first - a lesson learned from bitter experience - and then the walls.

 I wanted to keep the bright green accents I have in there - a jar on the windowsill and an antique mirror with green paint peeking out where the gray/taupe paint on top has liberally chipped.

 I also wanted to add a graphic element to one wall, so I drew this flower design on with chalk

 And then painted it on with some of my ceiling paint. I though about adding circles or petals or something, but I decided, in the end, that I like it the way it is. I added an antique drawer that also has some very chipped green paint on it to the back of the toilet and filled it with fake mums and hydrangeas. I kind of love it.

The little rug and step stool went back in, adding more touches of green.

 Then, I took the towel bar down and replaced it with this towel ring. I have always hated that blasted towel bar. It was hung so high that reaching for the towel meant water running down your arm and/or splashing all over the wall. The towel is now within easy reach of adult and child alike. Problem solved. I also replace the Dora the Explorer foaming soap dispenser with a more grown up foaming soap dispenser. Because I'm a grown up. I guess. ;)

 The last thing left to do is replace the lighting fixture. We have purchased a new one, but there are some obstacles with wiring and spacing. James is my hero and is trying to figure it out, but we may have to bring in an expert. Drat.

I'm not going to focus on that though. I'm just going to enjoy my gorgeous new powder room as I form my plan of attack for the kids' bathroom. Coming sometime (hopefully soon): Jungle Bathroom.



Monkee said...

How cute! I love the look of your little tree/flower! I wish I was even a smidge artistic ;) I want to re-touch up my house just feels overwhelming and then I don't do it. :) lol


Geneva said...

Thank you! I love how it turned out. You know, I think the key is to get decent paint. I've painted tons of rooms in my life, and this is the first time I've done it with good paint - HUGE DIFFERENCE!