Friday, January 4, 2013


 I had never heard of mixing pie with cake until I was browsing the interwebz the other day and ran across a blog post about picaken. "What the heck is picaken?", you ask?


You either make a pie, or you buy one (BUY IT. Trust. We made ours with a store bought raspberry pie.), and then you put together a cake batter. You could do a cake mix, but I just made the batter for my favorite chocolate cake. You pour half your batter into a VERY LARGE springform pan, then turn the pie in on top of it. This is why you buy the pie. Otherwise, you have to dump a pie you just slaved over into the cake. I get less emotionally attached to purchased pastry. Anyway, once you've put the pie in, you pour in the rest of the batter, covering the pie, and then bake that baby until it's done.

Bailey's boyfriend, Ben had a birthday last week, and she wanted to bake him something, so we made this delicious monstrosity. Once the picaken was cool, we topped it with cocoa whipped cream. She took it over to Ben's house, and I hear it was delicious.



ladymoxie said...

How do you drop the pie in without it breaking apart? That's my question.

Geneva said...

Ah. I should've made it more clear that you bake the pie first. That way, when you turn it upside down (carefully) over the half filled cake pan, it slides right out. :) Just make sure the pie has cooled before tipping it in. Our pie did stay intact and didn't overbake in the cake. Kind of a weird baking feat.