Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Risks of Kid Chores

I expect my kids to set and clear the table (at an age-appropriate level), and it usually works out really well. They've both grown very fond of putting their non-breakable dishes and cups into the sink, and they often remember to dump their trash and recycling into the appropriate receptacles first...but not always.

My sink disposal was making a clanking sound, which is never good news. I figured something might've slipped down the drain by mistake, and I was correct.

Here's some of what I found:

- the ring top from a can of V8 Fusion juice
- pieces of clear plastic straw wrapper
- mysterious shredded green plastic
- wood splinters and apple peels
- a hairpin (?!?!)

Clearly, I need to emphasize that trash and recycling need to be disposed of BEFORE hucking one's dishes into the sink. It's like these people are children, or something. ;)


Joy Brown said...

At least you have a disposal. I don't. I keep telling my kids not to put food down the drain/in the sink. They always do anyway and I am left de-clogging a drain, or taking fistfulls of soggy "food-stew" out of my sink :/ lol At least they ended up in the sink, right?

Geneva said...

You know, you are absolutely right, and I love how that encourages me to look on the bright side. I'm so thankful for my disposal!! :)

Joy Brown said...

I keep asking santa for one... LOL! :)

Katie said...

After cooking a very nice turkey dinner last Thanksgiving I failed to check the disposal and completely destroyed our meat thermometer! My kids can't reach the kitchen sink so I had no one to blame but myself. :)

Hi, I'm Katie. I stumbled upon your blog through a friend and just wanted to tell you that your family is adorable and your cheerfulness is both contagious and refreshing. Thanks for sharing!!

Geneva said...

Oh man - I'll bet a meat thermometer down the disposal made a ferocious sound! :)

Thanks for checking out the blog. I love hearing from readers!