Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Window Painting At The Dugout

My friend, Kim Basney has a great little deli and beer bar in Hillsboro with darts and video golf and trivia nights and LOTS of sports on TV. She has me make signs and paint windows for her, and it's neat to see her place settling in to the groove of what it wants to be. If you haven't been over there, think about giving the Dugout a try! Coming soon: burgers and fries on the menu!

1 comment:

Monkee said...

How cute! You are very artistic. I wish I could get what's in my head out onto paper and NOT have it look like a 4 year old did it ;)

If I lived closer, or really even in the same state, I'd stop by. I love a good mom&pop type restaurant. Also, I love fries :P