Sunday, February 24, 2013

Friday Fort

 One of my very most treasured childhood memories is of the time my brother and I turned our whole basement playroom into a blanket fort. We had it sectioned off into different rooms, and we even devised a mail system, using a jump rope and little slips of paper. I'm pretty sure my mom let us sleep down there and everything. It was pretty great. Anyway, my kids and I got a little bored with routine the other day and decided that a fort was called for to close out the week, so we turned our living room into Fort Friday. Amazing what a little fishing line, some old curtains, and some paper clips can do.

The kids "helped" me build it, and then they had their snack in there. Of course, they got in a fight about 20 minutes in (over who got to be in "the secret passage" at the back - a sheet draped over an ottoman and the piano bench), and they had to be split up. The fun resumed after lunch though.

Hooray for forts!

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Monkee said...

We always did forts over the dining room table! How fun!