Friday, February 15, 2013

How We Celebrated Love On One Particular Day

 The kids and I picked up a cold on the plane home, so this was a laid-back Valentine's Day for us. I love love love celebrating the "little holidays" though, so, in spite of feeling like I was moving through molasses, I did what I could to make it special. And James, James makes everything special, without even trying. :)

 I made the kids little cards and heart buttons to wear (they did), and I gave them each a little bouquet of Dum Dums.

 For breakfast, they had heart-shaped toast with strawberry jam and heart sprinkles, heart shaped apple pieces, and strawberry milk. I tried cutting heart-shaped banana slices at lunch (by cutting the whole banana into shape before slicing it), but it mushed everywhere. Total fail. Miss V snarfed it up anyway - she looooooooves "bianas".

 I made James this flip-book of 52 reasons I love him (using a deck of playing cards - thanks, Pinterest!), and I slipped a love note into a Jayhawk Valentine card. :) I'm making a scrapbook of our Disneyland trip. It's "for" him, but we'll all enjoy it. I also bought him a silly Pirates of the Caribbean shirt.

James sent me these gorgeous mini roses in a sweet little pot for my kitchen. I LOVE them. He also gave me some other things, including a gift certificate for a massage. That man knows me.

I know Valentine's Day gets a bad rap, and I get that. It's commercial and encourages overspending on silly things, and yes, we should celebrate love all year. I think it's sweet to have "little" holidays throughout the year though that make us pause for a second and celebrate something, anything. Just to raise our heads up above normal level, look at each other, and grin.  To throw our hands up and do a little dance. To enjoy each other just a little bit more. Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, shoot - Arbor Day! It doesn't have to be with expensive gifts. It can be with love that gets expressed somehow, with joy that gets shared, with a beer that's raised in toast, with silly little handmade tokens of affection. I'm all for spreading love, great big moonbeams of love, and I was feeling it yesterday. I hope yours was fun and that somebody somewhere let you know just how special you are. Happy Valentine's Day!


Connie B. said...

Thanks for the sweet reminder that it's such a good thing to celebrate!

Joy Brown said...

That's exactly how I tried to explain it to my Husband (Who is a Valentine's Day grump) It's like Christmas. We celebrate Christ's birth all year long (or should, anyway) yet, we still have Christmas Day. I don't want Valentine's day to be about diamond or over spending either, but, I think we should do something special anyway :) He did get my roses so...I guess maybe he gets it? Or at least is trying hehe :) Love your little cards for the kids! :)

MonkeeAndTheBee (Joy)