Monday, February 25, 2013

St Patrick's Day

Valentine's Day is over, so we are moving on to St. Patrick's Day. The kids and I made this fun craft the other day - the first of many we'll do in the next few weeks, probably - and I thought I'd share. I drew little pots onto black paper with a silver pen, and the kids cut them out (Miss V got bored, so I finished hers). They cut out "gold" from yellow paper, and then we cut slits in the tops of the pots, slid the gold in, and glued it down. While the glue dried, the kids painted rainbows onto green paper, and then we glued the pots of gold down where they wanted them. Each child wrote their name on their pot of gold (I've smudged them out - public blog, you know), and we hung them up in the kitchen. Pretty festive, eh?

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