Wednesday, February 6, 2013

String of Hearts

 The kids and I love making crafts and decorations for whatever holiday is coming up next. Valentine's day is coming up, and since it's one of the candy getting holidays, the J-bird and Miss V are all about it. I printed out a sheet of different sized hearts for each of us to color. I encouraged them to scribble and go outside the lines, but they each did it their own way (shocking, I know.). We cut out the hearts (I helped Miss V with most of hers, as she lost interest) and glued them to red paper, and then I cut everyone's hearts out again. We decided what order each string would go in, then turned them over and taped ribbon to the back. To make sure everything stayed attached, I ran them all through the sewing machine. Then, we bedecked!


 The J-bird's (I like how my name is prominently featured - teehee)

And Miss V's.

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