Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dear Tooth Fairy, Please Do Not Be Alarmed...

The J-bird has a loose tooth. I've been expecting it for a while. Most of his friends have already lost at least one tooth, if not more than one, but his have stubbornly (surprise, surprise) held onto their little terrritories in his mouth. I don't really mind. I feel as though I worked just about as hard as he did to GROW those suckers, so I'm not in a huge hurry to see them go. I told him several months ago that he might start feeling a tooth or two getting wiggly and that it would be no big deal - exciting, in fact. It'd mean his grown up teeth were coming in, and I explained the whole Tooth Fairy thing. True to form, he was completely. freaked. out. Just not having it at ALL. I may have mentioned that the J-bird is not fond of new things. Because of that, it's probably best that his friends have blazed the enamel brick road. He's had plenty of time to see what a minor/cool thing it is, and now that it's his turn, he's finding it more annoying than terrifying to have a wiggly tooth.

I was going to make a really cute, angelic, little tooth shaped pillow to hold the soon-to-be liberated tooth. I envisioned a stitched on smile and pink cheeks. The J-bird had something else in mind though. He wanted something blue, green and orange. Something....not so angelic. So he stood next to me as I scrolled through Pinterest, and then he emphatically pointed out what he wanted. He repeatedly gave me very specific directions - polite, but specific. He even asked me if he should draw it for me. I declined. And in the end, it's his deal.

So that's what I made. It's pretty much a direct copy, only I didn't use buttons, and I made the eyes different sizes with some decorative stitching here and there. The part with the teeth is actually a pocket, and that's where the tooth-for-coin exchange takes place. It's felt, rather than cotton, stuffed with a little poly-fil, and I just hand stitched it. It is oh-so-J-bird, and he loooooooves it. Now, we just have to wait for the tooth to fall out.

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