Thursday, March 28, 2013

I MADE It. With Wood. And Metal. And Paint. And Brawn.

 Our builders painted every room in our house the same color. No problem. They also painted the ceilings the same color as the walls. Problem. It makes painting any room much more daunting, because painting ceilings is a HUUUUUUUGE PAAAAAAAAAIN. I contemplate room re-vamps, and then I get a headache and eat a s'more instead. We've lived in our house for eight years though, and I've got the itch. Or I'm nesting (even though we aren't having any more babies). Or something. Anyway, I re-did the kids' bathroom.

Unlike professional home bloggers who are able to take on projects and go (dodge)balls to the wall and get it all done in a couple of days, I have to be honest and tell you that this took me a while to complete. I painted the ceiling clear back when I re-did the downstairs powder room. It stayed that way - white ceiling, tan walls - for weeks and weeks, while I put the J-bird's birthday party together and manned (womanned?) a St. Patrick's Day party and a children's choir performance for church. Then, I started doing the cutting-in along the ceiling and trim with the glorious emerald green color I picked, and that took several days, because I had to do it while Miss V napped each day. Ever try painting a room - or just having an open can of paint - around an almost-three-year-old maniac? Let me save you the trouble. Don't. Anyway, the weekend arrived, and James took the kids all day so I could finish all the painting. He offered repeatedly to help me, but I actually enjoy painting (walls). I turn on podcasts of "This American Life" or something and get in a groove. I just needed someone to make sure the kids didn't burn the house down. Once the painting was done, I could get to work on all the OTHER stuff I wanted to do to the room.

 Backing up a little.
 When the J-bird was little, I got some frog stuff, and it kind of became a de facto froggy themed bathroom.

 I added a crazy shower curtain at some point.

And we replaced the counter top with this beautiful business a few years ago, when we did our kitchen. So, when I started planning this revision, I had visions of a jungle mural, or maybe leaf silhouettes painted on the wall. I even bought lighter green paint, in addition to the emerald shade. But then I got to going with the woodwork, and I ended up forgoing that. I'm so glad I did.

 I've been seeing planked walls around the internet, and I thought I'd give it a go with less of a cottage vibe, and more of a jungle-y thing.

I bought some of the less expensive pine paneling at Lowe's that fits together. They are not supposed to cut it for you anymore, but I don't have a truck, and a very, very nice employee took my three eight foot bundles to the back and cut them down for me anyway. I still had to trim them to the right length at home, but at least I could get them in my car. I trimmed them all down, beat them up with the claw end of my hammer (because I like things to look old, especially when I buy the cheap wood and know it's not going to look like perfection anyway), then stained them. I actually did all this on my front lawn, because I'm classy like that, but I had to drag everything in to my garage to dry, because it looked like it might rain. The next day, I varnished the boards with an outdoor, all weather varnish. These boards are going on the wall behind a toilet, and I have a little boy. I'll let you sort that one out.

 On the third day, I nailed all the boards up by hand. The first several went up really easy, and I got very cocky. Line up, level, nail. Line up, level, nail. Easy. Pride goeth before the FALL. I got down by the toilet and began to cuss. This is not uncommon, due to the aforementioned need for all weather varnish, but this was different. I'll spare you the details (and the swear words). It all came out right in the end, and I love how it came out. Better than I envisioned, and I love it. I was so happy, I made myself a s'more. Just one.

 I also made a little window treatment. I used two of the leftover paneling boards and some other scraps, carved leaves with my Dremel Stylus, stained it, and hung it. It hides the top of the blinds, and I love it as well. Exactly what I pictured.

 The frog at the bottom is actually a toothbrush holder, but it's too small for my kids' toothbrushes, so it holds the cord for the blinds, so the baby will quit yanking it.

 Miss V has a lot of little hair things that needed a home. I mean, we HAVE a home for most of them, but they are overflowing said home, so. At the Goodwill, I found this little shelf.

 I sanded it down and carved some leaves on it. Then I stained it.


 I removed the towel bar behind the door and replaced it with these very cool elephant hooks. They are hung at about the same height that the towel bar was. The kids can reach it to hang their towels, but they are much more useable than the bar. Plus, they are way cool.

There are other little touches here and there, but that's the gist of it. I'm very glad I opted to skip the mural. I painted murals in my kids' rooms, and there's the downstairs powder room. I don't want to over-mural my house. I think that this bathroom is perfect, just as it is, and I adore it. It came out exactly as I'd hoped.

And now, to clean the rest of my house, which has fallen into shambles as I have polished this one room to perfection. Isn't that always the way?

Somebody make me a s'more...


Kaela said...

You really do amazing things. I love the wood wall.

Jennifer Alexander said...

Its awesome! I bet the kiddos love it! :-)

Geneva said...

Thanks! I'm so happy with it. I keep going in there and gazing at it, lovingly. I'm pretty sure my kids think I've finally gone around the bend.