Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just Perfect

I've been gripped, lately with a fervent, passionate pursuit of perfection. I'm not sure if it's because things are about to change, with the J-bird preparing to start REAL SCHOOL (he'll be transitioning into a Montessori classroom soon. More on that later.), or what, but I've shifted into overdrive. I have trouble sleeping (that isn't new), so I sit up making to-do lists for the next day. Long, detailed to-do lists. And then, the next morning, I start checking off the items on my list, and I don't stop until each item has a little check mark next to it. I'm getting SO MUCH DONE. It's a blessing and a curse though, because when all I see is what needs doing, I can't let myself stop.

And I have to remember, amidst all the list-checking, that there are two precious, small people who need me, and who are intently watching me. I include them on a large amount of household chores (at age-appropriate levels). I think it's good for them, even if it makes everything take twice as long to do, and they usually enjoy it. I never push for THEM to be perfect, just to be clear. I don't expect that :). They also learn a lot about doing for others when they join me as I volunteer for things, and they learn patience and how to entertain themselves when they have to wait while I attend to other business.

Everyone goes through phases, and this is just one of mine. I will find balance,  and there will be socks on the floor and a few dishes in the sink (not many though. I hate that). I'll put my feet up in the evening and go to bed at a decent hour and stop volunteering for every single thing that needs doing. It's nice to know how much I CAN accomplish though, when I set my mind to it. Yes, indeedy. It sure is. Maybe striving for perfection isn't all bad.

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