Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nudist and Prudest

 One of my children is kind of a nudist. The other is going through an inexplicable prudish phase. Both are fine, and really kind of funny, and we don't make a big deal over either world view (though we do require clothing when outside the house). I'm sure that, if you're at all familiar with my kids, you can guess which is which, based on their personalities.

I'm not going to post nudie baby pictures, but it is terribly cute when my completely-dressed-just-minutes-ago two year old casually doffs every stitch of clothing and chases her brother around the room, laughing hysterically and saying, "Look at my BUNS!". (Don't worry, we rescue him as we giggle and snort)

Yes, Miss V likes to stroll around buck. And the J-bird is NOT AMUSED.
Because no one should be naked ever, the J-bird found a fix for the offensive, buns-out approach his sister has embraced: TWO CAPES. Add a hat and some fuzzy slippers, and you've got a sartorial solution that is runway ready.

 Not one to neglect fashion himself, my boy has jumped right on this trend. Here he is, showing off his poses. Work it, kid!

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Jaimey said...

Jaxon prefers nude as well. ;)