Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Refresher Course

 The J-bird took swimming lessons last Summer and in the Fall, but Winter has been pretty busy with one thing and another, so we haven't had time to get into the regular swimming classes. I didn't want him to forget everything he'd learned though, so I scheduled him for a few pick-up lessons with our favorite swimming instructor, Alyssa.
 It took a bit, but he's gotten his groove back.

I got Miss V a few lessons as well. Since she's about to turn 3 (!!), she'll be old enough for the beginner class that starts in April. Unfortunately, Alyssa doesn't teach that one anymore, but Miss V loves the water so much, that I think she'll be ok.

 She tried very hard during this lesson to persuade Alyssa that she didn't need to put her eyes in the water and blow bubbles again. Alyssa was unconvinced.

Miss V was QUITE proud of herself when she accomplished the mighty feat. Yay for Alyssa!

I loved swimming when I was a child, and it's so fun to see my kids in the water, slowly, but surely learning what to do. They're both so proud of each new skill, and even the cautious J-bird is able to shake off setbacks like water up the nose or not being able to find the side of the pool right away. They aren't Olympians or anything, but they're finding confidence in the water, and I love that.

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