Saturday, March 9, 2013

Robot Partay

 Last year, when the J-bird turned 5, we invited half the world to his party, so this year we went a little smaller. He wanted a robot theme, so I happily obliged, and, like a complete psycho, I hand-made pretty much everything. I cherry-picked ideas from Pinterest, of course, cruised the wonderful internet for drawings of robots that rang m'chimes, and dreamed up idears I just liked. Then, I made several detailed to-do lists and got to work. The invitations went out a couple weeks ago, thus committing me fully to a date and time, and away we went. Here's how it went:

 I made a template of a gear, then traced and cut out a bunch of them from gray paper and brightly colored card stock. Those went together to make a "Welcome Robots" banner for the front hallway.

 More gears went onto more card stock for sitting squares. Each of these had a different picture drawn on it. That became important later, when we played "Musical Robot Walk". I don't have a laminator, so I covered these with packing tape and then taped them to the floor. (All these pictures are easier to see if you click on them. Sorry 'bout that.)

 I bought inexpensive paper gift bags and then drew a different robot for each guest's goody bag. The bags had little toy robots, some stickers, and a little build-a-robot sticker book. We also added some things as the party went along.

 I strategically hid my check list behind the bags. I like lists. Pathologically. :)

The J-bird's favorite decoration was on the trash can. When he saw this, he said, "Even the TRASH CAN is a robot?! I like your style, Mom!"

 Most of the clever names for the food came from posts on Pinterest. I'll post some links at the bottom of the page, so you can see how the real party masters do it. We had "Processors" (almond butter and homemade jam on sandwich thins), "Energy Cells" (fruit) "Computer Chips" (tortilla chips) "Nuts and Bolts" (Chex mix) "Marshmallow Bytes" (marshmallows with sprinkles on sticks), "Browser Cookies" (chocolate chip cookies), and "Machine Oil" (juice boxes). I went a little overboard making labels. Somewhere mid-week I stood back, took a long look at myself, and shook my head.

 We also had cupcakes, of course. They were vanilla with chocolate spilled in - supposed to look like a fuel spill. They had vanilla cream frosting with silver sprinkles, and I got the cutest kit with wrappers and picks from Amazon. Be proud of me. I bought something pre-made. It was probably the cutest thing at the party. ;) The cupcake STAND, however, I made. I wrapped different sized boxes in silver paper and glued them together, then made a robot face on the top one. I just couldn't leave it alone. It's a sickness. Cupcakes on a plain ol' plate? PERISH THE THOUGHT!

The first thing the kids did when they arrived was pick a square to sit on, and then start coloring a t-shirt. I had outlined robots on the shirts earlier in the week, using fabric paint, and the robot on each kid's shirt corresponded with the robot on their goody bag (which made it easier to remember which shirt went home with which kid later on). They used fabric markers to color the shirts, and then we threw them in the dryer to heat set the color. This activity was a humungous hit.

 I made robots out of soup cans to hold the markers. Good thing I eat a lot of soup.

Our second activity was ROBOT BINGO! Five in a row got you a piece of candy, and we played until everybody won once.

Once bingo had been accomplished, we played some Musical Robot Walk. It's like a mix between Musical Chairs and a cake walk (because I love Musical Chairs, but it nearly always leads to bodily injury, and ain't nobody got time for that). Everyone did their best robot dance moves and walked around the circle while the music played, and when the music stopped, each player had to find a square to stand on. I picked a card from my stack of cards with corresponding pictures, and whoever was standing on that square got to pick a piece of candy to put in their goody bag. Again, we played until everybody won once.

Our last game was "Build A Bot" - basically "Pin The Tail On The Donkey" with robot pieces. I traced a robot shape onto a piece of foam core board with a silver pen, and then I traced and cut out various robot pieces from poster board. Add tape and a blindfold, and you've got a winner.


After all those games, the kids were ready to eat.

 The birthday boy was properly feted.

 And gifted.

And it was a gorgeous day, so we finished up by playing outside with bubbles and sidewalk chalk and lots and lots of running and wiggling and screaming and laughing.

 And my six year old boy had a wonderful, special day with his wonderful, special friends.

Thanks so much to everyone who showed up, and to my friends Amy and Justin, who took turns manning (and womanning) my camera when I had to set it down. Their photography skills are far superior to mine. In fact, you can check out Justin's work here, and hire him for something, if you're in the market.  Links to some of the robot parties I poached from are here, here, and here. Some of what I did was adapted, and some of the thing I did were direct copies, so credit goes to the folks who did it first. If you see something here YOU like, feel free to copy :)

Thank you also, of course, to my James, who helped me by entertaining the kids so I could work on the party preparations this week, who also manned the camera, who ran around doing all the little things during the party, and who always helps me in every way as my complete partner. I wouldn't want to be on a team challenge with anyone else, dude. Thanks for making and helping me shape this little whippersnapper for the last six years.

I'd also like to thank the Academy.  Nope...that's a different speech....

Alright, y'all. It's been a big week. I'm heading to bed for a few blissful hours of unconsciousness before Daylight Savings tomorrow. Peace out!

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